Every design we create is unique, bespoke and created specifically for you, your vision/ vibe with consideration to your location/ venue to maximise the “wow” . 

We pride ourselves on working with you on your events specific theme or vibe. 

We want to create that all enveloping floral experience through using only the seasons best flowers and foliage. 

The only limit is your imagination.

Brand Activation

"Everyone was amazed. We were all blown away! You brought my vision to life and reality… but even my vision was no where near to what you actually created for us”



What is an event florist?

An event florist is a professional who specialises in providing floral design and decor services for various events and occasions, such as weddings, corporate events, parties, and other special events. Event florists work closely with their clients to understand their vision and preferences, and then create unique and beautiful floral arrangements that complement the event's theme and atmosphere.

In addition to designing and arranging floral centerpieces, bouquets, and other décor elements, event florists can also be responsible for sourcing and selecting the flowers and other materials used in their designs, as well as setting up and installing the arrangements on-site.

A good event florist has a strong background in floral design and a deep knowledge of different types of flowers, foliage, and other natural elements used in their work. They also have experience in event planning and coordination, as well as strong artistic and creative skills.

Contact us to discuss.

What type of events do you service?

Flwr Bomb services all Intimate celebrations, that call for flowers. Whether its a baby shower, Christening, engagement party, milestone birthday or even just a afternoon soiree, that needs a little wow moment.

We pride ourselves on creating unique designs, everytime. No two parties/ events are the same, so why should your flowers be?

Do you create floral arrangements for brand activations?

Do we ever! This is our bread and butter. We love bringing your brand to life with floral arrangements that compliment your persona.

What is the difference between a floral designer and a florist?

A floral designer is a complete service from start to finish. Flwr Bomb offers this service, so that your event is a complete look/ theme/ vibe from start to finish. We dont just design flowers to drop off and wipe our hands clean. We design a look for the entire event, taking into consideration the venue, your initial vision, styling accessories and trends aswell as what flowers and foliage are the freshest at the time. Its about creating a feeling, creating something unique and designed for you utlising the best flowers and foliage.

A florist is someone who puts flowers together, that look pretty.
And yes we do that well, we go beyond that to create something new and unique for you. We leave the boring “pretty” for all the rest.