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Flwr Bomb



Ingredients (contain caffeine)

Jasmine Green Tea, Pink Rose Petals


The green tea leaves - not affected by oxidation - absorb the fragrance and flavour of the jasmine blossoms and brew a mild tasting cup. At Organic Merchant we amplify this delightful, light taste by adding certified organic pink rose petals to the blend.

The green tea, used as a base, is harvested in early spring and has to be stored until the jasmine plant, grown at high elevations in the mountains, can be harvested in late summer.

The tea leaves are then scented with aroma from the jasmine blossom. The scenting process takes place at night when the jasmine flowers open and release their fragrance. It is repeated several times until the desired level of aroma is developed.

The subtly sweet and highly fragrant brew is the most famous scented tea in China and is best enjoyed on its own, without sugar or milk.

Delivery Information

Please ensure you add your delivery date when on the cart page.

We deliver to certain areas on the Central Coast. Please refer to our delivery information for more information on post codes and pricing.

Upon delivery if no one is home to accept the flowers. The flowers will be left in a safe place, out of the sun and the natural elements.

If there is no safe place to leave your order, (e.g. apartment building or locked gate) we will give you a call to discuss.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

Click and Collect

Pickup available at Flwr Bomb, 1/227 Ocean View Rd Ettalong.

Available usually in 1 hour.

Imagery is Inspiration

Please note, the image above is for colour and style reference only. We cannot guarantee any specific flower varieties. You are not purchasing this exact bouquet, we only use it as inspiration.

The bouquet you receive will depend on seasonal availability and what we have personally selected for that day.

Flower Care

1. Stems should be cut on an angle (in or under running water if possible) as soon as you receive the flowers and placed into a vase full of fresh water.

2. Ensure the vase that is used is clean and filled full with fresh water Always keep an eye on the water levels and change the water completely every two days.

3. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight.

4. Keep the flowers away from drafts and air-conditioning.

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